A New Life to Real Estate in Hosur Road!

Some residential areas of Bangalore are witnessing renewed interest due to improved infrastructure some are gaining prominence due to the emergence of international airport in close proximity. Likewise, Hosur Road, Bangalore is also attracting population because of the Metro Line coming forth to improve the connectivity to the CBD-Central Business Districts.

The development of new Metro line has given a new life to the projects by renowned developers in this area. Let’s take a look how will the new metro line revive Hosur road. Some of the new Projects which are launched in this stretch towards Electronic City are:

Kolte Patil ITowers Exente

Kolte Patil Exente

Shriram Break Free

Shriram Break Free

Ajmera Nucleus

Ajmera Nucleus

More to know…

Vehicles will be off the road: Upcoming metro line will progressively reduce the number of vehicles on road for people residing in that area will prefer metro to commute. This will reduce the traffic and travelling hours to travel to work or any other place.

Cost saving: Development of metro along with relieving people from travelling to long distance will also be cost saving for them. The migrants who don’t have their own vehicle generally travels by public transport that have too high charges. The charges of metro are surely lesser when compared to autos, cabs etc.

Reduced emission: people prefer avoiding time on travelling and reach their workplace on time for that metro is relieving and with the increasing preference of metro and reduced number of vehicles on the street the emission of harmful gasses from these vehicles will also be reduced. Lesser number of road accidents: Bangalore is a place that witnesses multi migrants from around the country on daily basis. This increasing population of the city keeps increasing the accident rate of the city. When more population will travel by metro the road accidents will be reduced itself.

Thus, the new metro is sure to rejuvenate the life of people living in Hosur Road. Also, with so many benefits the area is definitely going to see more residential and commercial developments by big and small builders. It’s an opportune time for developers to come up with their project in Hosur road because aspiring buyers always want to invest or buy a property in the location that has all conveniences in proximity and especially the travelling facility so as to reach different points of he city within no time.