Builders in Bangalore


There are a lot of builders in the Bangalore city from “A” class builder to “C” class builders. Some of the A class builders are Prestige, Sobha, Puravankara, Brigade, DLF, Godrej, Mahindra Lifespaces etc., to name a few present in the Bangalore city. People have a wide variety to choose their dream homes from variety of builders available in Bangalore.


Bangalore’s A class builders are the largest real estate companies in terms of revenue, earnings, market capitalization and developable area. The builders have track record of sustained growth, customer satisfaction and innovation. There are many Top class builders who are private residential and commercial developers in Bangalore, India. Hence the Top class builders have expanded rapidly across Bangalore.


Today, top builders in Bangalore have a flagship of a multimillion conglomerate with superior projects, both residential and commercial in prime locations across Bangalore with thousands of satisfied customers. Top builders have defined Bangalore skylines through its projects developed in the past years. The achievement is purely due to absolute professionalism, great emphasis on quality and delivering on-time schedules. Today, the Top builders are the front liners in Bangalore’s building and real estate development.


Buoyed by the boost in the demand for such good homes, Builder is committed to produce beautiful residences from Rs.50 lakhs to Rs.15 crores. Numerous iconic projects are at various stages of construction progress, launch & planning across Bangalore, so stay tuned with top builders. The top builders like Prestige, Sobha etc have a trusted Name in Bangalore Living.


The builders have many completed on going, in progress projects. One has a wide choice before buying a home in Bangalore. There are many IT companies in Bangalore and Bangalore is also known as the silicon city because of many IT companies that are present in the city. People are who come from outside looking for jobs in the city eventually fall in love with the city and plan to buy a flat with A class or C class builders available in the city. It is safe to go with A class builders as they have made a name for themselves over a course of time and the A class builders will not let you down in any way be it the Quality, Price, location or Amenities.


After lot of search, finally you zero in on an under-construction apartment to buy. Your decisions are based on cost, location, developed, accessibility, quality, reputation of builder etc. The builder as usual promises moon to every buyer and buyer gets overwhelmed by glossy brochures and sugary words of so called sales managers. So you start dreaming about living in your own abode. The builder then sets the terms for payment – 20% advance, 70% for slabs (for a typical G+3 Apartment), 10% after sale deed registration. Soon after paying the advance (20%), you will apply for a bank loan. If your Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) score is fine, you will get right away loan approved, since in almost all the cases, land records (i,e sale deed, mother deeds, khata, tax paid receipts etc for land) are clean. The builder will not let you modify any filling of terms and conditions of either Sale Agreement or Construction Agreement (or Agreement to build). Builder will also not amuse any questions, clarifications, doubts etc to be answered or raised. You will be left with no choice but to buy it or look for a different flat. Since you would have already tried and tired of finalizing or searching a flat, you will not fight with the builder – you will agree to everything. In most of the cases, the builder would have constructed all the slabs (or will complete all slabs within 2-3 months) and will raise the Demand Note for 70% of the flat’s cost. That is, by this time, you would have paid 90% of the flat’s cost. The Builder uses all his tactics/coercion/force etc to get the 70% payment as per the Agreement to Build. Builder will also put force on the bank to release the payment as per the agreement. Finally, the builder will get 90% of the flat cost into his kitty within three months of Sale Agreement.