Chandapura- Realty haven to fulfill all your residential desires

Property investments are the most coveted form of investments. There comes a point in our lives where we have to come to a standpoint to decide weather to bank on an alternate source if income. Residents are now gradually realizing the importance of paying attention to the property market and are gradually transitioning to become first-time property aspirants. Bangalore, renowned for the climate it enjoys throughout the year and provides high-paying employment prospects is considered as a real estate hotspot for quite sometime now. Property developers are now capitalizing on key market segments to release their excess inventory and keep up with the demand created by the market. As the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has welcomed IT tech giants to set their infrastructures across emerging parts around the city. IT professionals and entrepreneurs can now consider investing early on in their career to make the most of the property market trends and bank on an alternate source of income.

RERA and GST to assist residents towards profitable and affordable investments

The introduction of real estate regulatory bodies like RERA and tax reforms such as GST has eventually paved the way for rising social infrastructure development and affordable housing options. This drastic upliftment of the real estate market has forced potential investors to consult with professional real estate advisers to get an in-depth knowledge of the property market. Recent reforms have made sure that real estate developers are required to maintain high levels of transparency in regards to project features and legal documents. Project delivery has become crucial as builders are liable to hefty penalties if they fail on completing projects based on set deadlines. Chandapura, for instance is a location that should be considered as the prime spot for all your investment needs. The Location is right at the Bangalore-Chennai highway which would enable residents to go about with their everyday commute with relative ease. Also, with numerous independent plots of land along the way, the land appreciation rates are sure to shoot through the roof. Let’s now look at some aspects that might help investors to decide better and invest smarter. Shriram Codename Dil Chahta Hai, Shriram Breakfree are some of the properties near to Chandapura where one can invest into it.

Proximity and Connectivity- What does Chandapura have to offer?

Before heading towards property investment decisions, residents should be aware of the aspects that contribute to profitable purchase decisions. Be it any aspect related to the project, customers should take the location of the project as their priority as that would determine the distance to the rest of the city. With the construction of over bridges, expressways and highways, residents are sure to get around to other parts of the city with utmost convenience. Also, Chandapura is engulfed by top-notch educational institutions like Christ Academy, Sorsfort International, Vibgyor high school and Swami Vivekananda institutions that would enable the residents to provide the very best for their children in regards to education and healthcare.

IT infrastructure development in and around Chandapura

Located on route to Hosur main road, one has to cross Electronic City to get to Chandapura. Electronic City is engulfed by top-notch IT infrastructures that houses close to 30% of Bangalore’s IT crowd. This is a terrific opportunity for young IT professionals to consider investing early to make the most of their earnings and bank on an alternate source of income that grows overtime. With regular buses to and from Chandapura to Electronic City and vice versa, residents can commute with ease in case of long working hours. Furthermore, there are pharmaceutical and industrial powerhouses like Biocon and Ashok Leyland on the way to Hosur which employs more than 40% of Bangalore’s population. This would again increase the land value and provide alternatives for residents to choose from. As a result, investing in South Bangalore and areas surrounding it like Chandapura is sure to reap formidable returns which can be capitalized by prospective investors who are planning on renting out the property to make the most of the current price trends.