Are you beholding to buy a new abode? What!!! it is difficult for you to get your new home registered as you live out of the city or country. And for registration you and the seller both are required to be physically present there at the registrar office. So, what is the way out here?

No worries!! We have the best solution for the buyers like you. The ‘Power of Attorney’. Yes, the Power of Attorney will help you register your home at any residential apartments you feel like buying without having to come to the place you are buying the property. Let’s see what power this Attorney gives to you. What is Power of Attorney?

Power Of Attorney

Power of Attorney has accurately termed as power because through this any person can give all of his rights or power on his purchased property to any of his trusted family member or a friend. The case is like this, any person who buys a property is called the principal. The principal gives the power or right to his friend or family called legal representative- the attorney. Now this attorney executes all the formalities or duties with regard to property buying or registration on behalf of the principal. The attorney is given all the rights by the buyer of the property to perform different registry functions at the office of sub-registrar. The attorney should be a trusted person of the principal and need to carry his valid identity proof, Aadhaar card, and photographs.

Advantages of using Power of Attorney for registering your property

Sub-section 17 of the Indian Registration Act 1908 requires both the seller and the buyer to be physically present at the time of registration as well as the possession of the property. Thus, the main benefit of using a Power of Attorney is that all the registration and possession work of the property would be completed by the attorney but it would seem that the actual buyer i.e. the principal of the property is performing the tasks.

For instance, if a person of Indian Origin living in different part of the world wants to buy an apartment in India. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the NRI buyers to come to India just for the registration of the property. In such situation, the NRI can easily arrange and present his Power of Attorney to visit the registrar office to carry out the property registration and other processes on his behalf.
Not only the NRIs, but even a person who is living within the national boundaries can also use the power of attorney registration if he is unable to manage his presence at the time of property registration. Also, the elderly people or sick person who cannot personally visit the registrar can use the PoA registration on their behalf.

Any person who fulfils the following condition can become a power of attorney.
• He must be a citizen of India,
• He must reside in the country at the time of property registration
• He must have a valid Id-proofs.
Once the person submits the document of Power of Attorney along with a valid ID proof and other documents in the office of sub-registrar, he becomes the attorney i.e. the legal supervisor of the entire property transaction on behalf of his principal.
Thus, even if you are unable to manage your time to come and complete the registration of your new abode, Power of Attorney makes it easy for you to buy and manage your property in any part of the country even if you do not live at the same place or the same country.