How to make a Nature Inspired themes for Apartments ?

The love for nature is eternal and one never gets bored by looking with awe at nature. Many of us always desire to stay close to the nature. Owing to which we plan our vacations in nature, which is an easy option but not always and not for all. Similarly, the spread of concrete jungle is so widespread that enjoying the bliss of mother nature is really difficult. This is when including nature in your Apartments through various nature themes appears to be a good option. How about trying it on in your home décor?

Run down to the innovative ideas that is not only good to give it a makeover but will also keep you in close contact with natural world.

How about creating your own zone for al fresco meals: Thinking where to go next time for the Picnics? The most ideal family get together and fun-filled activities during weekends. A great advice to you is instead of going out to some common spot for picnic, why don’t you create one for yourself? It’s too simple… build a small patio made of brick located quite far away from the house so as to make it feel like reaching the patio itself is an excursion. Bring on the picnic basket stuffed with tasty foods and beverages and place it on a great-looking picnic table. Create a leafy-gate entrances: Wondering all the time how to bring those plants growing nearby closer so as to give a filled look? Worry not! Select your favourite foliage, trace the outline of the leaflets on the door and with a saw cut around the leaf shapes. Paint the gate with leafy green shades. Concorde Luxepolis Bull Temple Road, Bangalore is one such upcoming luxury apartments where once can renovate the interior for nature inspired themes

Nature Theme Interiors
Nature Themed Interiors

Plant an edible garden with modern touch: Plant leafy cool-weather crops in a trio of trendy pots for a fresh-garden along with a contemporary look. Consider planting mustard ‘red giant’, bok choy, and ‘redbor’ kale. To make it visually interesting choose the pots of similar shape and size but not identical.

Go Green !!

Show your expertise through the ribbon of grass: Give your artistic knack a fair chance to act. Turn a grassy border on a gentle slope into an object. Just plant a twisted ribbon of black Mondo grass between a flowering lime Sedum and creamy Japanese forest grass. As it grows, the planting will start to appear like currents in a stream.

Pavement inspired with beach theme: Give your garden a perfect beach look. To add this beach-inspired look, press some shell rubbles into damp integral coloured concrete hardscape. Use a broom to brush off some of the surface concrete to expose the shells together with some of the aggregate. So, go ahead let your abode take puff of nature as you set to level it up with cues from the nature itself.