In a fast pace developing city like Gurgaon, has the charm of attracting people from any corner of the country.  This land full of industries is developing rapidly with the progress in technology. With the income of immense migration percentage, the city’s real estate is booming and the curve of demand and supply is never falling down. Along with the transition in technology, upgrading is tuning the people. But it is also leading to cyber issues, double dealings, frauds etc. Being aware of the activities and easily trusting a random person for the activities like banking and dealings will help you not to fall in the trap of these double dealings. Any activity which deals with money especially real estate, dealing must be handled very careful.  Knowing the strategies and tricks in real estate and investing in it is never a loss for investor. It is just you had to deal with certain tactics to play safe. And to earn safer returns on your invested property, there are some things to keep in mind and follow. They are:

  • Knowledge of area is so important to deal wisely and get profits. If the location of the property is at a supreme place and if the locality can expect demand and profits, go for this place. If the place assures price appreciation then rest your back and keep calculating the profits on your invested place. If the demand is assured, profits will be double.
  • Growth potential of the location is the key factor to consider when an individual is planning to own a property. Consider the other social and economic infrastructure development, public transportation like the buses and metros, government projects, business centers, IT Parks, recreational centers, shopping is and commercial complexes etc. These factors surrounding the property define the growth potential of the location.
  • Rental value is the obvious profit factor. Buying a property for your own usage or for the rent purpose also, profits are easy to calculate until the rise in price. Enquire the rental value towards that area by contacting the tenants and residents or the real estate agents of that place.  
  • Things to keep in mind while renting out are to avoid confusions. Like the precise rent value, maintenance charges and etc to the tenants.
  • Legal documents verification is to be done properly to avoid double dealings. Renting out a property involves many legal calculations and documentation. These profits are to be taken in hand as soon as possible than skipping their works. The implemented RERA is helping to maintain transparency.  
  • Rental Agreement is the document between the land lord and the tenants. It talks about the period of residing in the place and all the charges will be included. Property responsibility will be the duty of the tenants but still Landlord also has the right to take action if anything goes wrong.

A residential property like Sobha Royal Pavilion in Hadosiddapura which is on the Sarjapur Main Road is with all the above criteria. Firstly it is the location, then the developing social and economic infrastructure and its highlighting neighborhood defines the property and its profits in future. This Rajasthani style of architectural property is beautifully packed in a vast area and evenly divided rooms with perfectly finished interiors and coloring. To experience the surefire investment returns follow the above points and enjoy the doubled investment.

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