Online Real Estate Property Documentation services to host Profitable Options

Property investments are pivotal in the sense that one can safeguard their interests for a profitable future. Residents are now realizing the diverse possibilities to watch their money grow overtime and are transitioning to first time property aspirants. Property investments, considered as the most coveted form of investments have a lot to offer in terms of personal occupancy and rental benefits. Residents, especially first-time property investors are often concerned about the property market as it keeps on fluctuating based on market trends. It is suggested that before coming to the site for further property related negotiations, residents consult with professional real estate advisers to get an in-depth knowledge of the property market which would give them a clear insight to go forward with their investment decisions. Now, with the rise in urban population and inclusion of real estate regulatory bodies like RERA, the demand for affordable housing has increased significantly. Concorde Mayfair is an upcoming residential apartments where one can invest into it.

Concorde Mayfair

Property developers are now forced to amend their marketing strategies to cater to residential expectations and match up to the demands created by the market. With the hustle-bustle of the city, residents normally find it tough to physically be present at the site at all times to check project features. Also, heading to registrar offices to evaluate their documents becomes a tedious process. Karnataka government have taken certain measures to get all the property related services online so potential investors can sit at home and search for the property online without any hassle. Lets now look at some aspects that would help residents to effectively look for investment opportunities.

Submitting registration papers online- Things just got easier

Earlier, property owners were required to be present at the sub-registrar’s office to register their individual properties before they try approaching potential buyers or tenants. This used to be a long process as there were more than numerous property owners who were trying to do the same. Productive time was wasted in doing this and residents weren’t able to categorize their priorities effectively. For instance, necessary documents like sale deed, transfer deed and encumbrance certificates can be downloaded online and submitted so that once the appointment is scheduled, the sub-registrar only had to give his sign and seal.

Online pre-registration facilities

In order to get hard copies of relevant documents, it is not necessary that property owners have to be present at the sub-registrar office. Owners can now download these documents online, fill in the necessary details and automatically submit these documents online so they are approved by designated authoritative bodies.

Mobile app guidance

The Karnataka government has come up with measures that include introduction of mobile apps called the “Mualya Mobile App” which would be available on all android and iOS devices. Using this app, citizens can easily find information on their fingertips which would help them arrive at prospective decisions better without any complexities of travelling to far-out location to sit in person with property developers.

Locate Sub-Registrar offices with utmost ease

The online portal is designed in such a way that residents who are looking for properties or property owners who are looking to register their properties can get their requirements fulfilled with convenience and comfort. The designated portal gives the exact location of close to 250 sub-registrar offices that would make life a lot easier for potential investors.

Property value evaluation

Bangalore has transitioned to become a prime force in the property market. Residents who are new to the real estate investment experience, often get tricked by property developers or real estate brokers when they are the site as far as the property value is concerned. Now with creative online features, residents can calculate the land value of all the properties around urban and rural Bangalore that are owned by regulatory bodies like BDA and BBMP. To conclude, we can safely bet on the fact that real estate investment opportunities got a lot easier because of the online practices. Residents and property owners can now breathe a sigh of relief as they wouldn’t have to run around to get things done in time.