Patel Realty India Ltd


Patel Realty India Limited


Patel Realty India Ltd is a completely owned subsidiary owned by the Patel Engineering Group. During its foundation, its founder Shri Pravin Bhai Patel set up two objectives for the company’s future: to maintain stable growth by increasing its revenue yearly and to endeavor to be beneficial in every year of its survival. Their hard work and the long hours spent in those early years have paid off as the business flourished and as projects grew gradually larger and more composite. Patel Realty India Ltd has made itself notable in the construction industry by giving services based on its service, values, trust, safety, responsibility, teamwork and stewardship. Our team people strictly believe in helping our customer’s interests and having a strong, partnered relationship with every projects engineer, owner, designer and subcontractors.


OVERVIEW – About Patel Realty, its Mission and its Vision.

The Company

Opening its doors in Mumbai in 2007, Patel Realty India Ltd (PRIL) is a completely owned subsidiary of the Patel Engineering Group. Patel Engineering (BSE: PATENG) is a sixty year old firm with a global presence in infrastructure, power, and tunneling.


Mission Statement

Formed in 2007, Patel Realty’s principal mandate is to buy, develop and program real estate assets situated in major urban environments where real estate demands have increased sharply due to lifestyle changes amongst all the age group segments of the people. This increased demand, together with the real estate expertise from Patel Realty principals, defines the idea and the road map for the company’s future.
Patel Realty has and will continue to pursue housing, commercial, IT Park, SEZ, Hospitality, Retail, Entertainment, Waterfront Developments and mixed-use transactions based on these principles – always with an eye on strong community relations and integrity.



Our vision is to bring a prototype shift in real estate industry by setting new standards and pace of Quality, Service, Innovation and Affordability and while doing so, creating Value for Vendors, Customers, Investors and Employees.