Pent House in Bangalore

Pent House in Bangalore

Benefits and Drawbacks of Investing in a Penthouse in Bangalore

One of the current trendiest concepts in housing living is investing in a penthouse. Penthouse, a modern style of living is a perfect solution to fulfill your housing needs. There is a fundamental demand for penthouses in different cities. The idea of penthouse apartment was initiated in 1920s.

What do you mean by penthouse?

A penthouse is an apartment on the uppermost floors of a building with a private terrace of its own. Due to its lavish features it is diverse from the normal apartments. They are constructed in the metropolitan areas to fulfill the high demand in luxurious living. You can get the panoramic view of the city from almost all the sides. Penthouses are much more expensive than the usual apartments. They may be renowned by having two or more levels. They present you array of amenities like swimming pool, over- sized windows, private entrance, office space, Jacuzzi and much more. A penthouse occupant can also have access to number of other services like laundry, restaurants etc.

Benefits of a penthouse:

  • Since you are living on the roof-top, your house gets abundance of natural light. This makes your house look brighter and unsullied.
  • Penthouses are usually located in the heart of the city; therefore you can take pleasure in the sense of serenity.
  • Penthouses being costly, people dwelling in it hold a high-status symbol.
  • As penthouses are situated in the heart of the busy city, it is simple to access to schools, hotels, malls etc.
  • It offers you contented living since the rooms are huge and spacious.
  • Penthouses offer you solitude. You have your own private elevator and even swimming pools.
  • Glass walls, high ceilings, lot of space in premises, view of city skyline add to the impression.
  • There are plentiful facilities like Jacuzzi, gymnasium, barbecue area, office or work space and so on.

Drawbacks of a penthouse:

  • Due to its sumptuous lifestyle, the cost of the penthouse is much more than a normal apartment. Therefore it is a costly real estate investment.
  • People dwelling in the penthouse are secluded from the rest of the building.
  • It is too extensive while running errands.
  • Management and visitors may find it hard to reach the highest level of the building.
  • Home maintenance becomes very important as you are dwelling at the top most part of the building, the house is more prone to leaking roof, dust and pollution.