Concorde Group

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Under the visionary leadership of B.S Shivarma and R Gopal Reddy, Concorde Group was established in the year 1998. Concorde Group sensed the need of quality of the material and also the innovative design of the building and made itself available for innovation, technology and quality building projects. Concorde Group started its operations with a group of plot developers. After this, it went on to building villas and apartments and towers. Currently having worth 2.6 million of projects in India, Concorde Group is proven to be an innovative, quality conscious and reliable name in the construction market of India.

Concorde Group is a combination of experienced workers and management team along with the mixture of young, talented professionals who are extremely motivated for the construction of quality projects.

Exceptional Qualities of Concorde Group

Concorde Group is one of the leading construction company of India due to its unique quality of having a seasoned team with a mixture of experience and youth. The company is focused on building top class buildings with modern infrastructure. The thing that makes this company lead the industry is its innovative designs and top quality material. It has the services of top class architects who are willing to create designs capable of fulfilling the dreams of the customers.

Highlights of Concorde Group

  • State of the Art machinery.
  • Seasoned qualified team.
  • Highly innovative building designs.
  • Ensuring the quality of construction.
  • Timely completion of the project.
  • Great communication team.

Projects of Concorde Group

There are many completed projects of Concorde Group including Concorde Epitome, Concorde Amber, Concorde Tech Turf, Concorde Livingston, Concorde Windrush and Concorde Manhattans.

There are also Concorde Napa Valley, Concorde Cuppertone, Concorde Sylvan View and Concorde Silicon Valley which are in progress.

Vision, Philosophy and Mission of Concorde Group

Concorde Group has a vision of emerging as one of the most preferred and reliable construction organizations in the whole of India by sustaining quality work and beautiful designs.

Concorde Group has the philosophy of being a trustworthy organization in the field of construction and has maintained high quality of its construction since it was created. Now the company is promising better and more innovative ideas in building villas, apartments and residential towers.

Concorde Group has the mission of creating a community of mutual cooperation, making it a fully integrated, professionally managed and most trustworthy construction organization by the customers.

Concorde Group believes that every home is forever and while building a project the company takes care of the fact specially to create a building project that survives the natural and climatic harsh effects for years, The Company also takes special care of the innovations, designs and also the quality of the work. The company promises to create a tomorrow where people have better luxuries of life and residential apartments that are built innovatively and with utmost quality possible. The company is doing a lot of social work in the field of helping a lot of people by providing them the necessities of life. The company is also building schools and hospitals for the people who can’t have access to these places on their own.