Golden Gate Properties


Golden Gate Properties

Pratap Kunda is the founder of Golden Gate properties and under his genius leadership, the company has become one of the most trusted construction companies in South India. Pratap Kunda is a successful real estate entrepreneur of South Asia from 1990’s and he started this company is 1995. Golden Gate properties has several successful mega projects in the cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore. The headquarters of the company is in Bangalore. Golden Gate Properties has built more than 16 residential and commercial mega projects till now and there are many ongoing projects too including the Presidential Towers Bangalore having 50 floors. It is an end to end real estate developer which allows the company to provide a great quality in its projects by collaborating with the intelligence, innovation and creativity of its renowned designers.

Exceptional Qualities of Golden Gate Properties

With the headquarters of the company in Bangalore Golden Gate Properties is working for the development of South Indian construction industry. The company mainly focuses on the residential projects. Golden Gate Properties is an institution that satisfies its customers with the utmost presence of quality, innovation, technology and excellence in its buildings.

Highlights of Golden Gate Properties

  • Eco-friendly construction.
  • Ensured quality.
  • Innovative designs.
  • Use of Modern Technology in construction.
  • Guidance through all the process of purchase and construction.
  • Completion before the deadlines.

Projects of Golden Gate Properties

There are several residential products of Golden Gate Properties that are completed and are the benchmarks of this company. The projects include Golden Grand, an American style luxurious residential enclave, Golden homes, Golden homes phase 2, Golden Palms, Golden Blossoms and Golden Woods.

The ongoing projects of Golden Gate Properties include Golden Panorama, Golden County and Golden homes phase 3 and Golden Serenity.These projects would be the examples of the combination of innovation and modern technology.

Vision, Philosophy and Mission of Golden Gate Properties

The vision of Golden Gate Properties is to provide innovatively designed buildings to the customers along with taking care of the environment around. Golden Gate Properties envisions an India which is technologically one of the best countries in the world.

Golden Gate Properties wants to create a community that has higher standards of living and having all the basic necessities of life in the best way possible. The company promises the customers not just to fulfill their expectations, but to exceed the expectations and give the customers more than they dreamt in terms of quality, innovation and technology.

Golden Gate Properties is motivated to change the face of the construction industry of South India by taking the industry to the new heights and also by taking care of the environment while building different projects which is generally not taken in account by most of the construction companies. The company is on a mission to give back to the society from the profit that is being earned. It is doing a lot for the socioeconomic welfare of the people in society.