Hiranandani Group


Hiranandani Group

Hiranandani Group is a result of the desire of Niranjan Hiranandani to rewrite the real estate business story in India. Niranjan Hiraandani who is now recognized as the genius of real estate business in India is a professional Chartered Accountant and is linked with the company from the mid eighty’s and is credited for bringing the company in such a great shape. Hiranandani Group is known as one of the pioneers in the field of new design, precision of engineering methods and adopting the modern style of construction. It has created a lot of famous residential and commercial complexes. Hiranandani Group is motivated for uplifting the life style of people and is continuously working for the uplift of the construction quality in the skyline of Mumbai.

Hiranandani Group has reshaped the townships of Mumbai City and has been a great success, especially for the projects in Mumbai. The company has also built a residential tower in Dubai.
Exceptional Qualities of Hiranandani Group

Hiranandani Group has a goal of giving happiness to the people. Hiranandani group has given the utmost importance to the happiness of the customers since its formation and not only in the field of real estate, but also in the field of health care, education and technology.The group is determined to give timely and quality product to the customers so that the customers trust the name of the company. They have excellent customer care as well.

Highlights of Hiranandani Group

• Precision Engineering.
• Customer care.
• Guaranteed Quality.
• Innovative Designs.
• Eco-Friendly construction.
• Copper plumbing.
• Use of fly ash in concrete.

Projects by Hiranandani Group

Hiranandani Group has introduced new innovative ideas in the business of construction and created many residential projects, including the Hiranandani Estate and Radas Enclave. The Hiranandani Group is determined to give mega residential projects to the customers according to their expectations of a dream home and society surrounded by all the necessities of life.

Hiranandani Heritage is also a mega project, which is nearly complete and it is named as redefining living values by the group itself.

Vision, Philosophy and Mission of Hiranandani Group

The vision of Hiranandani Group is to provide customers and all the stakeholders with superior values of quality, time precision and innovative engineering. Hiranandani Group is motivated to create homes not just buildings for people to live, but creating a certain lifestyle with happiness and warmth in it. In this way, the group has become the voice of the ideas of the new generation that is creative and innovative and wants to create new horizons of achievements for them.

Hiranandani Group has invested in construction, but has also kept a keen eye on the matter of giving back to the society by creating different projects in the fields of education, healthcare, hospitality, retail and entertainment. Hiranandani Group continues to create better experience for the customers in every field of life by turning its innovative ideas into reality.The group is determined to remain a brand of trust, satisfaction and reliability, creating great communities for its customers.