Prestige Avalon Overview

Prestige Avalon, as the name ‘Avalon’ indicates unrivaled beauty, the upcoming project by the famous Prestige Group has tried to give it a celestial look resembling a similar meaning to it. Prestige has always succeeded in outshining other builders given that it has got a class of high defined architectural designs and never compromising approach in terms of providing quality and wide range of amenities. Prestige Avalon is one such venture which illuminates how well they monitor customer needs and creates original design pleasing them.

The project Prestige Avalon is coming up on a large acre of development area which has a greatest percentage reserved as open space and makes sure that surrounding environment is not troubled. There will be surplus greenery with an energizing view along with a recreation area for you to enjoy with your family.

Prestige Avalon is a new venture undergoing development in Bangalore. Prestige Group with vast experience achieved during their expedition along never ending time wheel, demands upgrading on their technique in order to cope with the speed with their fellow contemporary members of the field. Prestige Group is advancing forth in order to retain their firm position without sacrificing their principles upon the line of work maintained till now which has fetched them to this position. Prestige Avalon price is affordable with modern technologies and impressive beautification done for both interior designs with equal importance given to exterior texture of every unit.

Prestige Avalon has an excellent surrounding atmosphere; Cheering environment which always suits any housing destination has been the major factors that have drawn huge investments into real estate industry which guarantees superiority returns. One such reality target is about to propel from the heart of city. Prestige Avalon, an addition made to the current booming sector of this Garden City has once again proved why Bangalore has been the perfect selection for a reality destination. Prestige Avalon project will host units which suit both single and large family and spreads across a wide area surrounded by massive green covering throughout the land area; they are also installed with all modern facilities which are basically needed to be included in the current trend so that it would be a wonderful destination.

Homes in Prestige Avalon floor plans are designed with one-dimensional design responsiveness, keeping the requirements to be useful as a priority. We appreciate the need for good ventilation in addition to good lighting, which is why each of our units comprises these features in company with a well balanced interior layout. To make sure as well as respect your demand for privacy, our architects have created an inward gazing plan applying the C Type layout.

The Prestige Avalon Bangalore offers a semi attachment of open regions that are balanced by the nearby constructions. In fact, you have visual admittance to the central green region which comprises the pool, the parks in addition to the play region. Above and beyond, the access plaza is a big area of foliage and proceeds as a soft border flanked by the tangible exterior in addition to the luxurious internals of the building. Our use of region, choice of home fittings in addition to assertion of privacy is thoughtful requirement in our mind.

Adding to this, the development is also having neighboring regions such as JP Nagar, Jayanagar, Banashankari, Bannerghatta road which is primary marketable zones in addition to Quality Educational, Technical along with Medical Institutions in the nearby regions.

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