Prestige Group

Prestige Group

The Prestige group owes its establishment to Mr. Razzak Sattar in 1986.He is a successful businessman since 1956. He has a lot of experience in the field and the company deals with property development, real estate and flagship. Under the leadership of Mr. RazzakSattar, the company has become leading property dealer in all of South India. Prestige group has completed over 184 projects till now and all of them tell the success story of the building group. Each of the projects is a beautiful show of innovation, stability and technique. Mr. Razzak Sattar has changed the state of South India Real Estate Industry by providing such marvelous designs and innovations to the industry that no one before did.

Reason of Being Exceptional Company

Prestige Group’s headquarters are in Bangalore, providing the company a great rate of growth in the previous years. The group has the specialty in building residential and commercial projects and has an ongoing 57 projects including apartments, hotels and shopping malls all over South India.

Highlights of Prestige Group

  • ISO 9001:2000 certified company.
  • Only building company in Bangalore to have FIABCI award.
  • Customer Friendly methodology.
  • Fulfilling and exceeding the expectations of customers.
  • Adopting new technologies.
  • Creating ecofriendly projects.
  • Qualified and professional team.
  • Believe in timely completion of the project.
  • Ensuring the quality.

Successful Projects

In the commercial category, the group has created Intel India Design Centre, Prestige Atrium, Prestige Blue Chip, Prestige Craig House, Prestige Fifth Avenue, Prestige Towers and many more in the making which are the symbols of excellence for the company.

When it comes to residential areas, there are a lot of successful Prestige Lake View, Prestige Oasis, Prestige Algin, Prestige Exotica, Prestige Ferns Court and Prestige Four Seasons. Each and every project of these has been built by ensuring the environmental standards and high quality of the material.

In the field, on the malls and resorts Prestige Group has created The Forum Mall, Forum Value, The UB City, Angana Oasis and Spa and Prestige Golfshire Club. All of these projects are examples of innovation, quality and leisure.


Prestige Group has achieved many awards in eleven different categories on the national level because of its beautifully designed buildings.

Vision, philosophy and Mission of Prestige Group

The vision of the Prestige Group is just not to fulfill the expectations of the customers, but to give more than they expected in terms of innovation and quality. The company is onto a mission of giving the customers an experience of high standards of innovation and building material along with the completion of projects before the deadlines to make Prestige Group a benchmark of success in the building industry all over India.

Prestige Group under the leadership of its board of directors has the passion to go towards every new idea and thinking, exploring each and every way to be better and more innovative saying yes to each modern theory of building quality structures. The company due to its years of experience knows the value of quality buildings for the social economic structure of the city and is trying to fulfil its responsibility in the best way possible.

Some of the Per launch projects are listed below:-

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