Property in Whitefield

Property in Whitefield

Whitefield is a heavily populated area. There are a lot of property projects at Whitefield counting to almost 521 containing 1797 properties. There are 421 different dealers for all of these projects. Many big names of south Indian property have their wealth invested in this area and built many commercial and housing projects.

A few of the famous housing projects include 2 BHK Residential Apartments, Prestige Shantiniketan, M1 Aureus, Umiya Woods, CJN Golden Landmark, Habitat Crest and Gopalan Atlantis. These housing projects include from single bedroom to three bedroom apartments and commercial properties too.

Here are a few features of the famous properties at Whitefield.

2 BHK Residential Apartment:

2 BHK Residential Apartment is a part of CJN Golden Landmark project. There are sixty eight apartments in this project having 2 bedrooms each and extremely near to the railway station and airport. There is a proper gym, giving sports facilities to the residents, swimming pool, lift and a proper security system.

The builders also offer twenty four hour availability of water and proper sanitation system.

Prestige Shantiniketan:

Prestige Shantiniketan is another well-known property project at Whitefield consisting of 2 balconies and four bedrooms owned by Sobha Properties. State of the art technology has been used to build this project and it offers all the facilities necessary for modern lifestyle. It is one of the trademark projects of the company until now.

M1 Aureus:

M1 Aureus is another housing project in the same area, but having different features. It offers a golden standard of living due to its beautifully built villas. Owned by M1 Homes which is a new company in the property field. M1 Aureus is a name of a luxurious way of living, giving superior location and extra-ordinary facilities. These villas are just for 29 selected customers who want the best lifestyle in Bangalore.

Umiya Woods:

Umiya Woods is the name of quality and superior lifestyle in the city of Bangalore. It offers apartments of two and three bedrooms. The society is surrounded by greenery and natural beauty. Each of the apartment is designed with a special focus on convenience and comfort. Every day the residents could wake up in a fresh environment with living a quiet and peaceful life.  The wooding of the apartments are their specialty due to its uniqueness. The builders provide proper security measures to ensure the safety of the residents, giving them a comfortable environment to live.

All of the above mentioned properties are the best choices you can have if you want to live in the Whitefield. Hope you could use the information to choose the best property for yourself.