Puravankara Group

Puravankara Group

Ravi Puravankara being the leader ofPuravankara Group made this company to establish its name in the highest ranks of real estate industrialists of India. Since the creation of the company in 1975, Ravi Puravankara has believed in providing quality stuff to the customers at any cost and this is the biggest reason of the success this company gathered in the last 40 years. The genius builder combined quality with innovation, robust engineering, transparency and fulfilling the customers’ expectation to the best possibility and made a name for his company in the market. The company is mainly situated in Mumbai, but has completed more than 36 mega projects in all over India and a few in Saudi Arabia too.

Exceptional Qualities of Puravankara Group

The achievement of the completion of a project within the given time, improving the product and maintaining the quality of service has been the benchmarks of Puravankara Group. The group has ensured the use of modern technology in the completed 36 projects all around India along with the innovation and unique designs.

Highlights of Puravankara Group

  • Robust Engineering.
  • Innovation and Technology.
  • Research and Execution.
  • Years of Experience in the real estate business.
  • Quality Management System.
  • Project Review Management System.

Projects of Puravankara Group

In the field of residential buildings,Puravankara Group has created many wonderful projects, including Purva Atria, Purva Fountain square, Purva Carnation, and Purva Park in Bengaluru and Purva Jade in Chennai.

When it comes to commercial buildings, the company has created a lot of commercial in its 40 years of existence, which include Purva Primus, PurvaGainz, Purva Summit and Purva Pavilion Buildings.

Vision, Philosophy and Mission of Puravankara Group

Puravankara Group envisions a future in which the Puravankara Group is the name of quality and reliability all over the world. A tomorrow where the name of the company is the name of landmarks, achievements, innovation, modern technology, leisure and trust. A tomorrow where thePuravankara Group rises as the company is known for its highest quality and different ideas of work including innovation and technology.

The philosophy of Puravankara Group is to give importance to the thinking and imagination of the customers because they are the basic entity due to which the company is gaining success and an entity around which the company revolves. The needs of the customers, their dreams and expectations are the most important things for the company.

Puravankara Group has given extreme importance to the customers from the start of its journey and has created a special policy naming “You Policy” in which the group has strictly promised to fulfil the needs and expectations of the customers by giving them innovative and high quality products along with assurance to complete the projects in the promised time.

From visiting the site of Puravankara Group to making a deal, the group has done everything in its power for the ease, accessibility of the customers and to gain their trust and priority when anything from the real estate business comes to the mind of customers.

Recent Projects by Puravankara

1. Puravankara City of Gold