Salarpuria Group

Salarpuria Group

Salarpuria Group was established in 1985 by Mr. R.P Salarpuria and in the short period of 30 years, when it comes to construction business, the group has achieved excellence in the fields of construction, architecture, real estate and construction management. Due to the genius leadership of Mr. P.R Salarpuria and the hard work of the company employees, now Salarpuria Group is a name of excellence,quality,precision, innovation and management when it comes to the construction of IT parks, elite residential buildings, business complexes and retail outlets. The group has a lot of international clients and due to the trust of national and international clients, the company has become one of the most well-known construction companies of India.

Exceptional Qualities of Salarpuria Group

There are a lot of qualities of the Salarpuria Group, which makes it more trustworthy and reliable as compared to its competitors in the market. Salarpuria Group believes in attaining the trust of customers by providing them high quality products with innovative designs which are constructed by using the most advanced construction technologies available. The group ensures the reliability and quality of its constructed buildings and it is only possible because the company has maintained the highest possible quality measures for selecting the team and also the material for construction.

Highlights of Salarpuria Group

• High Quality Material.
• Lots of research and innovation.
• Open to the ideas and imaginations of customers.
• Finishing the projects before deadlines.
• State of the Art Technology.
• Highly qualified team.

Projects by Salarpuria Group

On the commercial scale, there are a lot of projects of the Salarpuria Group including GR Tech Park Bangalore, Salarpuria Hallmark Bangalore, Salarpuria Soft zone Bangalore, Salapuria Supreme Bangalore and many more.
When it comes to the residential building projects Salarpuria Group has benchmarks of these kind of projects in many cities including Bangalore, Pune, Vizag, Hyderabad and Kolkata. The Greenage, The Melody, The Aspire and The Laurel Heights are just a few of the famous residential projects of this group.

Philosophy, Vision and Mission of Salarpuria Group

The philosophy of Salarpuria Group is to provide quality products to the customers within the time limits promised by the group and gaining their trust. The company is highly motivated to fulfill its social responsibility as being one of the leading construction companies of the country. In this regard Salarpuria group has founded a trust in Bangalore as a result of a partnership with Sri Satya Sai Baba Hospital. The group has also constructed a number of ashrams in Bangalore and recently built a cancer hospital. The ashrams and the hospital are fully funded by the Salapuria Group and the group gives a huge part of its profit to this social work.

Salarpuria Group is determined to create a society full of hospitality, brotherhood and humanity. The group is doing all that is possible for giving back to the society in terms of quality buildings and also in terms of socially and economically helping the people that are unable to have the necessities of life on their own.