Vastu remedies for a cut in the south-west direction

As indicated by Vastu Shastra, the south-west direction, otherwise called the Nairutya corner, signifies the earth elements and is administered by Rahu, perhaps the fiercest planet, according to Vedic soothsaying. The south-west corner additionally addresses soundness of your family and, subsequently, it is significant for you to adjust every one of the elements in this area, to guarantee happiness and prosperity at home. Be that as it may, if there is a compromised or some other major Vastu imperfection, it can make unsettling influence in your home. It can likewise welcome startling expenses and cause mental pressure. Consequently, it is significant for you to keep this segment heavier than some other piece of your home and spot things which can bring the benefits of the earth elements.

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Vastu deserts in south-west direction

Home Vastu

Latrine in the south-west.

Kitchen in the south-west.

A cut in the south-west direction.

Cut/expansion, huge opening/windows in the west.

Home passage or principle entryway in the south-west.

Bore well or underground water tank in the south-west.

Living or attracting room the south-west.

Vastu remedies for south-west corner

On the off chance that there is a cut in the south-west direction, place substantial furnishings or things in this corner, as it will help you in countering the negative impacts.

Spot lovely and charming works of art of gritty elements on the dividers in the south-west corner.

In the event that you can, repaint the south-west divider in peach or light earthy colored tone or other natural shades.

You can likewise put a Rahu Yantra in the south-west corner.

Spot Vastu pyramids every which way as this will draw in certain energy and help in countering the negative energy produced, as a result of this Vastu imperfection.

Vastu remedies for south-west-bound passageway

Preferably, property purchasers ought to keep away from homes that have entryways confronting the south-west, as it can welcome battles and disasters. Here are a couple of remedies that you can execute, to nullify the effect:

On the off chance that the fundamental passageway of the house is in the south-west direction, ensure the quantity of entryways and windows inside the house are even in number.

On the off chance that you have a fundamental entryway in the south-west direction, you can put a Ganesha symbol close to the passage.

To diminish the negative impacts of south-west passageway houses, put Om, Trishul and Swastika images on the sides and highest points of all entryways in the house.

To build inspiration, you can likewise put Vastu pyramids, plants and wind tolls around the passageway of your home.

Vastu remedies for south-west-bound home

On the off chance that your house is south-west-bound, make open spaces in the north-east region of your home. This will make a free progression of positive energy in the home.

You can likewise develop an overhead water tank in the south-west direction, to adjust the energy that encompasses your home.

Introduce a drinking fountain in the north-east corner, if your house is south-west-bound as this will pull in certain energy.

Vastu tips for south-west corner

For financial dependability, place your gems, cash and other significant financial archives in the south-west corner. As per Vastu specialists, anything kept in this direction tends to duplicate.

For vaults put in this direction, guarantee that the launch of the vault doesn’t confront the south or the west direction, as it could bring about substantial expenses.

To deflect financial issues and weighty expenses, the primary safe and storage spaces should open in the north or the north-east direction.

For financial success, place a red fabric inside the protected, alongside a Citrine precious stone as it draws in wealth and prosperity.

Never introduce a latrine in the south-west corner as it can bring about financial misfortunes and money related unsteadiness.

Spot a glass loaded up with water and salt in the south-west corner of the house. Additionally, place a red-shaded bulb above it so that at whatever point the bulb is turned on, it considers the glass.

Try not to have a borewell in the south-west direction. In the event that it is unavoidable, paint it red and introduce a ‘Rahu yantra’ on top of it.