Vastu tips to ensure your north-facing home is auspicious

As per Vastu Shastra, east, north and north-east-bound homes are generally auspicious. Notwithstanding, this isn’t the sole determinant for the section of positive energy into your family. The north direction is devoted to Kuber, the God of wealth and passing by this rationale, north-bound homes ought to have been generally well known. Nonetheless, for north-bound homes to be genuinely fulfilling, the entire house ought to be Vastu-consistent and the imperfections ought to be amended.

Vastu Shastra and north-bound homes


It is a confusion that any one specific direction is acceptable and the others are awful. As per Vastu Shastra, all directions are acceptable, if they hold fast to the a few standards. For instance, it is critical to take note of the placement of the entryway.

Placement of the fundamental entryway in a north-bound house plan

In the house plan of a north-bound home, the fundamental entryway ought to be in the north direction. Indeed, even in the north direction, the fifth step or pada is accepted to be the most auspicious one, intended to bring you wealth. The distance between the north-east and north-west, is separated into nine equivalent parts and it is the fifth pada that is auspicious.

For what reason are padas significant according to Vastu Shastra?

No pada in the north is inauspicious. This is the reason a north-bound house is viewed as great. Nonetheless, while putting the primary entryway, you can take note of the accompanying for success:

To attract wealth

Each pada figures out what sort of energy you are allowing into your home. As of now referenced, the fifth pada is the most auspicious, on the grounds that it is the area of God of Wealth, Kuber. Subsequently, if the entryway is placed in the fifth pada, you will attract cash.

Alternative to fifth pada

Presently guess your fifth pada is little or not reasonable for the entryway, you can utilize the first to fourth pada, also. Nonetheless, not leave out the fifth pada. You can utilize the 6th to 10th pada, in the event that you have no alternative at all to place it in another pada.


In the event that you end up utilizing the first pada, all things considered, the primary entryway or the passageway ought not touch the north east corner. It is fitting to leave some space from this corner.

Tips for a Vastu-agreeable north-bound house plan

Inclines in a north-bound home

For a north-bound property that is auspicious for you and your family, keep away from a plot that slants from the north toward the south.


It is additionally significant not to have a kitchen in the north-east corner.

Keep away from clutter

Try not to keep junk and clutter in the north or north-east side of the house. It is said to adversely affect your monetary status and advancement of the youngsters.

Trees in a north-bound home

You ought not have trees in the north side of your home.

Placement of heavenly things

Heavenly things in your home, including the strict images like the Swastika, Om, works of art, and so forth, ought not be kept dissipated.

Power circuit board

The electric circuit board ought to be kept in the south-east zone, to adjust the circulation of energy, across the house.

Direction of septic tanks

Try not to have a septic tank in the north-east direction.

Rooms/latrines in a north-bound home

Rooms and latrines ought to likewise not be placed in the north-east. According to room Vastu, the main room ought to be in the south-west locale.

Pooja room

The pooja room and parlor ought to be in the north-east.

Visitor room

The visitor room ought to be in the north-west.


The kitchen ought to be in the south-east or north-west direction

Level of land in a north-bound home

The level of the floor on all parts ought to be lower to have great outcomes. For instance, if the front part is lower than the focal room’s level, this could bring you progress and notoriety. Note that if the north side of the house is higher, the outcome is awful. In any event, when the north side land is on a more significant level, it isn’t acceptable.

Guarantee karma in the north-bound home

A north-bound property, whenever stretched out toward the north-east side, can bring more prominent karma. A very much constructed north-bound property can bring great wellbeing and administration improvement of the ladies in the house. Apartments pointing toward the north may not be a smart thought. For open positions, place an icon of Lord Kubera towards the north direction. Putting a tulsi plant in the north, north-east or even, east will guarantee that negative energy is changed over into positive energy.

Placement of a flight of stairs in a north-bound property

You should think about the administrations of a Vastu master, to assist you with the placement of rooms and things in your home. In any case, to take care of you, here is a speedy outline:

Try not to place the flight of stairs in the north direction. It might cause monetary troubles.

You may utilize the south, west, south-east, south-west, or north-west direction for the flight of stairs.

Try not to place the flight of stairs in the north-east direction, since it might cause nerve-related issues.

Steps ought to be in a clockwise direction.

North-bound homes and ladies in the family

Did you realize that the great and awful result of having a north-bound home, generally influences the ladies in the family or the wealth in the family. A functioning lady’s prosperity is additionally connected to the Vastu of a north-bound home that she is living in. Thus, right all Vastu doshas.

North-bound home, vastu and senior-residents

On the off chance that the top of the family is resigned and invests energy in profound and strict work, they can be designated the room in the north, upper east and the east. In a perfect world, the top of the family ought to involve the south west or south-bound room yet the previously mentioned exemption should be possible, in the event that they are not working.

Fast takeaways: Vastu for north-bound homes

In a north-bound property, there are a few things you should stay away from.

Try not to agree to the principle entrance in the north-west direction.

No latrines, rooms, or kitchens ought to be in the north-east corner.

Try not to leave wastewater outlets alone placed in the south or north.

Try not to purchase a north-bound property without taking a gander at different things that function admirably for you.

Try not to place the entryway in the 6th pada.

Nurseries or your nursery ought not be in the north-west.

The underground tank ought not be in the north-west.

Try not to paint the house in red or maroon tones.

Septic tanks ought not be in the north, north-east or east direction.

No mirrors ought to be placed in the south or south-east side of the plot.