Bangalore, through the years has provided some of the profitable property investment opportunities. Residents are now gradually transitioning from living as tenants to real-time home owners. The city enjoys beautiful climate throughout the year and offers employment opportunities in the IT sector. Realtors have been smart to seize on such markets to establish respective residential projects to fulfill prim investor needs. Concorde Mayfair is one such project that is strategically located at Medahalli in Bangalore. NRI’s for instance are looking on building up on their assets by seeking property investment that yield great returns in the near future. With fabulous amenities, the property in Medahalli is one ideal project that does justice to your hard-earned money.


NRI’s residing abroad always aspire to own a house back in the motherland. Benefits are plenty as emerging localities in Bangalore are contributing to increased land appreciation rates for a profitable future. It’s always advised that investments made early on reaps profitable returns. NRI’s should keep in mind that investing in properties early on in the process is beneficial for various reasons. Emerging locations are given top priority as compared to established localities. Property rates in developing areas in Bangalore provide nominal initial rates for long-term gains. NRI’s are now quick on grabbing such opportunities to gather up on assets for a bright future.

The Silicon Valley effect

Bangalore has earned its recognition as the Silicon Valley for obvious reasons. Almost the entire city is engulfed by some of the best IT tech parks. Real estate developers are pitching in creating flawless infrastructures that contributes to effective land utilization and space optimization. With the booming IT sector, residents are devising property investment strategies for a stable future. This is an added advantage for NRI’s who are left with plenty of alternatives for efficient decision making. It’s an added bonus as they wouldn’t find it tough to look for prospective tenants.

Gradual Uplift in Realty Prices

Realtors in Bangalore have created some of the finest luxurious residential projects that suit every customer expectation. Builders have forecasted buying trends and have offered fabulous booking offers for NRI’s who are looking to invest in luxurious projects. At Concorde Mayfair, investors are invited to the site for periodic visits to have a real time experience of the site to gauge overall land developments from the conceptualization phase until completion.

The Industrial Renaissance

Bangalore is surrounding by spectacular industrial areas that are scattered across developing areas around the city. This contributes to overall land appreciation that NRI’s can focus on before going ahead for a real estate investment. Many properties are in close proximity to some of the very best schools, colleges and medical institutions which is a terrific opportunity for NRI’s to make the optimum use of.

In conclusion, we can safely assume that Bangalore is the most profitable choice for NRI’s to invest in considering the fact that the city has lots to offer in the near future.  

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