Why Whitefield is the Centre of Attention for Investors and Buyers?

Post the boom of the IT sector in Bangalore, Whitefield on the eastern side of the city has come up a long way. Not a very long time ago it was a suburb with no scope of any development but now the area has been completely transformed. The remote locality of Whitefield has gone a sea of changes owing to the IT explosion of the city. The area now joins the dots with huge Tech parks, high rise residential buildings big shopping malls and reputed civic infrastructures. Whitefield is one of the best up and coming localities of East Bangalore to indulge in investment.

Bangalore Real Estate

Let’s check out the reasons that make Whitefield today a promising locality perfect for your investment. Excellent joining to other parts of the city: No longer Whitefield can be considered a far-flung and isolated. It is now the most developed and well-connected areas in Bangalore. Airport Road, ITPL and two other main arterial roads connect the area to prominent business localities of the city. The roads are well developed and maintained making the traveling through them easy like a breeze. Whitefield has a railway station which takes you to other parts of the city quickly. Whitefield’s most exciting introduction is the Namma Metro project the Phase II of which connects the area with the rest of the extensive metro rail network. The residents of Whitefield will travel around the city hassle-free with such huge advances in accessibility.

Return On Investments

A plethora of employment breaks

The booming IT sector that acted as a catalyst for the development of Whitefield is only responsible for numerous jobs opportunity being created in this locality. Particularly E-commerce industries are leading the growth with corporations like Amazon opening up huge offices here. Thousands of young professionals migrated to this locality owning to the bulging job market. People looking for investment opportunities will stand a chance to have two benefits, first, living closer to the workspace. Second, no dearth in availability of tenants if you want to buy real estate as an investment.   

Superior Residencies Available

The standard of living now offered in Whitefield is much higher than any other locality in Bangalore. Numerous multi-storied housing spaces have sprung up in the area to cater to the growing demand for an increasing number of residents. The apartments developed in Whitefield are most striking projects with unmatched luxurious facilities. The vast apartment offers spacious, airy interiors with a roof-top swimming pool, a well-equipped clubhouse and a number of indoor and outdoor games. As Whitefield is still in its development phase, therefore, the apartments here have a lot more to offer with conveniences and comfort that will be the best of both worlds. Property value in this area is typically low when compared to other parts of the city. This means that this stunning area allows you to buy a huge spacious house at the price of a tiny cramped apartment in other localities of Bangalore. Prestige Lakeside Habitat is one of the upcoming property on Varthur road.

A self-sustained township

All the luxuries that you need for a posh lifestyle is available in Whitefield. Countless offices have shopped here, but this nowhere means that life in Whitefield is all about work, no, not at all. It is a friendly locality with several big and small shopping malls and complexes to spend leisure time with friends and family. There are dozens of bars and restaurants to wind up your weekends. Additionally, Whitefield is home to highly reputed educational institutions, hospitals and health centers making it a very convenient and safe place to live in.

To put it simply, the Whitefield area is becoming one of the top localities to buy a home in Bangalore. Though prices of property in this area are comparatively low, they will not be that way forever. Because development in Whitefield is accelerating at an unbelievable pace. Whitefield has something for everyone whether you are a seasoned investor or first-time home buyer.